Thursday, March 3, 2016

News - Roddenberry Back in Star Trek

March 3 2016 - It was announced today that Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry has been added to the new Star Trek TV show as an executive producer, along with Trevor Roth, who is a producer for Roddenberry Entertainment. 

My thoughts: It is obvious that having the "Next Generation" of Roddenberry involved is definitely an interesting signal. Some may argue that this is strictly a move to keep skeptical fans happy. For me, I see this as being good if not great news. Rod grew up with Star Trek in a way the rest of us could only dream of. Nobody else can come this close to having Trek in their blood. If nothing else, he will have a sense of family pride and heritage to make this work and to honor his family's legacy. As the on of the the creator and of an actress who was heavily involved in the series, he will have some high expectations.  I believe he will be up to the challenge. To paraphrase Captain Kirk "It wouldn't be Star Trek without a Roddenberry at the helm".

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