Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Discovery News - Discovery Has a Main Title Theme

I have not written too much on Star Trek: Discovery (which in my blog will be referred to as the more fitting DIS three-letter abbreviation) because so much is kicking up a great deal of controversy. I have addressed that controversy once and was holding off on further judgement until the show debuted and we had something to talk about. Allow me to slightly deviate from that, as the theme music has just be revealed. Let me give you my thoughts on it in a moment, but first, please observe the following at this link. Unfortunately, I think this may only be available in the US, but I will try to update the link with a more universally accessible video/soundtrack when I find it.

Here are my thoughts. Many fans have been vocal about their expectations of the new show, and the theme music has often been a point of debate and discussion. The general consensus is that the fans want an instrumental theme song, not a lyrical one like Enterprise had. While I do not mind the Enterprise theme song (it did grow on me), I really enjoyed the instrumental songs from all the other series. Well, with the recent announcement, Discovery is going the way that most fans seem to want them to. No lyrics, and some obvious nods to the original theme music. There is enough of the old to make it familiar, and yet the new is exciting.

Yes, if you want me say it, I love the new theme. I know that there will be some that will hate it. Heck, some hate it so much and have yet to hear it! I don't care. They got the music right on this. The tone that the theme music sets says a lot about what the show is, and for me, this theme music says a lot. It says that it remembers and respects its roots, but that it will take its own path. It will be serious, it will be exciting, and it will have an impact. Most of all, it tells me that this is a show that sounds like a Star Trek show. Whether or not this show will look or feel like a Star Trek show is to be determined, but I feel more optimistic with this music being released for us.

Again, I respect that some will not like it. There will be those that interpret it differently. The music has always been a contentious issue. Everybody has a favorite theme song. A lot of people love Voyager's theme. Many find that the Next Generation's theme gets their adrenaline flowing. Some find Deep Space Nine's music soothing. The Original Series has a theme song that is as iconic as the characters themselves. And yes, some of us find Enterprise's theme song a breath of fresh air. I hope that those who are critical of the music are critical for appropriate reasons and are not just hating it because it is Discovery. For many of us, this just gets us excited for September 24.

The countdown is on. Looking forward to it.

Oh, and if anyone can get me a link to the music that is available to everyone, I'd appreciate it.

UPDATE: Thanks to those who passed along the Instagram link, which is region free (I'm in Canada and it worked for me, so here's hoping. Here is that link

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